10 Years

Ten Years. What a ride. I was just 22 when we finished making our first generation PRO Training Goal and can still remember sending the first one off the line to our very-first customer (hey, Jim B!). It's gone by in a flash and as you can probably tell from the new, we're just getting started.

New GOLME BrandWell, maybe you can't completely tell just from visiting the site, but more on that later. The most noticeable change right now is our new brand. There's quite a lot of history behind the original shield so it's a little bittersweet to move on. We carried over many of the important details to remember where we came from. Can you see the shield?

2016 will bring both upgrades to existing products and brand spankin' new products, too! Coming into its tenth generation, the award-winning PTG (PRO Training Goal) will have a few small tweaks to improve performance. Thanks to our amazing customers and strong support from our partners, we can now purchase raw aluminum straight from the source. We'll announce why this is great news in the next week. For a hint, think economy of scale.

The PPU (PRO Pop Up) will be nearing its second year, which means some big performance gains are coming for this year. Current PPU owners will be hearing from us soon for upgrade deals.

GBS Photo Shoot
So, do we have any NEW stuff on the way? Without any big spoilers, I can confirm we absolutely do. There are four new products dropping in March! Two of them have been recurring requests and while initially further out from release, the new brand nudged them to the front. The last two are special and signify a big milestone for GOLME. We can't wait to share them within the next couple weeks.

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