PRO Speed + Agility Ladder

GOLME PRO Ladder Warp Speed

It seems that out of all your products a ladder would be an easy one to release. Right?

↑ A common comment from our customers and partners who have been itching for us to release a training ladder.  And while we have been just as, if not more anxious to expand the line into speed & agility equipment, our answer has always been “Yes and No.”

Traditional Training Ladder

The answer would be “Yes" if we chose to follow the status quo and simply rebrand the same exact ladder - a decades-old design that, while still functional, leaves too much room for improvement for our taste; It's simply not in our DNA so we took the “No” route and began from scratch. GOLME PRO Speed + Agility Ladder Seamless Design

The Right Form

Pound for pound, the training ladder is still the best tool for speed and agility training. Its purpose is quite simple - create an obstacle course optimized to develop coordination and fast-twitch muscle fibers. This results in both increased omni-directional movement efficiency (agility) and acceleration (speed). For players on the pitch this means impenetrable defenses and rapidly dynamic offenses. 

Every component in the PRO Speed + Agility Ladder was optimized to deliver on this purpose. Its True-Fit geometry insures a seamless yet clearly defined course, inspiring player confidence to push acceleration and master complex routines.

The Right Size

Training ladders used primarily for conditioning is a common misconception and leads to the belief that the longer the ladder, the better. While conditioning is a secondary benefit, effective ladder training is all about omni-directional movement; longitudinal (forward/backward), lateral (side-to-side) and diagonal (both at the same time). Proper use of a 10-Rung ladder can be far more effective than a 20-Rung ladder because it pushes players and teams to change direction more frequently. The PRO Speed + Agility Ladder comes in three sizes for this reason: a compact size for individual players, and both an 11-and-under and 12-and-above size (Junior and Adult) for teams.

GOLME PRO Ladder vs. Generic

Ultraportable.  Indestructible

Like all of our products, the PRO Speed + Agility Ladder is both extremely portable and indestructible. Its hassle-free instant-twist design deploys in seconds and stores neatly in its included carry bag. And instead of the common thin flat rung design, we chose to 3D mold each individual rung under thousands of pounds of pressure.  Its striking profile keeps the ladder planted, ready to take a lifetime's worth of demanding training sessions.

On the back of the bag, we have incorporated the most popular movements into a matrix so you can create hundreds of customized drills based on skill or focus.  Our goto warmup routine is outlined for a quick start.  Finally, each PRO Speed + Agility Ladder comes with grounds stakes designed to both anchor and expand the ladder for unique drills.


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