10th Generation PRO Training Goal

GOLME PRO Training Goal - Ultra Portable Soccer GoalIt's always been the #1 rated portable regulation soccer goal on the grass and sand. Now it's the most affordable too. How did we do this, you ask?


Is it still portable?

GOLME PRO Training Goal Bag

Yep. Weighing under 30 pounds and storing in a bag less than one percent its size, the PRO Training Goal is still the most portable regulation size soccer goal. And because it's entirely one piece, setup and take-down is a quick three minutes.


Did you use cheaper materials?

GOLME PRO Training Goal SetupNope. The frame is still crafted with T6 aluminum and formed with over 800 tons of pressure. It's the core of our Super Rigid Frame Technology and why first generation PRO Training Goals continue to be played on today.


Are you crazy?

GOLME PRO Training GoalMaybe. The truth is, thanks to our customers, we now buy tons (get it?) of raw aluminum. We go right to the source which means a lower cost. What better way to support the world's greatest game than to make it more affordable. 

10th Generation PRO Training Goals are now in stock here and available at our partners by the end of the month.





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