One Game. The Greatest Game.

It started in 1998 in Reno, Nevada. Struggling to find soccer goals to train on, a carpenter with a strong love for the game decided he would just build one himself. “It seemed like every field in town was either full or didn't have soccer goals, so I started building regulation size goals that were also portable so coaches and players could play anywhere.” Many late nights were spent in his small garage building these portable goals and within the next three years demand was far surpassing supply. You didn't have to travel far before running into a local team playing with the bold orange and white goals.  

Like his father, the carpenter's son also had immense love and respect for the game. Outside of his small town, he knew there were many more players and teams struggling to find soccer fields to play on as well. So in 2006, he founded GOLME and set out to build something special. A family company that exists to build great players. A company dedicated to one game. The greatest game.